St. Ann's Catholic Primary Academy

Project Details

Project Details
St Ann’s Catholic Primary School is currently the smallest school in Sheffield (only 95 pupils at the time of writing) and became an Academy in 2013. The head teacher approached us on recommendation from another school we had worked with, to produce a new brand image that would help them raise the academy’s profile and attract the attention of parents making the decision as to where they should send their offspring.

Under the rules laid down by the Governments Education Funding Agency we had to “pitch” for the work but the concept of a new stylised logo representing the baby Jesus, The Virgin Mary and her mother St Ann (and doing our homework so we knew who St Ann was) became the foundation for a great working relationship and a school that is almost unrecognisable compared to its previous run of the mill, off the shelf sign persona.

After rebranding through signage and uniforms the image was rolled over to a CMS Website that all the teachers use to provide information for parents and children.

This has been so successful the site attracts around 60 visits a week, which, for the serving of only 95 families whose children are at school every day is pretty amazing.

  • Date: 30 September 2013 - Present
  • Categories:Branding, Web design, Promotional Literature, Prospectus.
  • Client: St Ann's Catholic Primary Academy
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