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About Us

The First Question

The usual reaction is:

“I love your name!”

Followed by:


Answers to this vary – but the serious answer is:

“Because you asked”

It takes 32 keystrokes to type our full web address, which is a lot more than the snappy tags of most design companies.

Although shorter than the 141 keystrokes it takes to Google “which design company has a name made of three words, seven syllables, twenty two characters and the most lovable logo in the whole wide World”.

It may be better to have a snappy name – short, to the point, memorable. Or it may be that short and snappy will just lose you in the crowd of other short snappies.

Which name is best for you or your product is just another thing we can help you work out, but whatever your title we can always help you brand, launch, lift or rebrand whatever you need to put out there.


Authors Notes

The “About Us” pages carry a lot more text than you might expect on a design company website, but as you may notice from the testimonials on the “Our Story” page, Blue Strawberry Elephant offers a lot more than design.

The audience we had in mind when writing the site was Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) simply because they are the vast majority of individual and independent companies in the UK.

This doesn’t mean the text wouldn’t be of interest to larger companies or a diverse range of commercial and non-commercial organisations; it can all be adapted to the reality of your situations, scenarios and aims.

If you have formal training or qualifications in marketing you may recognise a hint of some of the ideas and methods put forward, even if the emphasis is from a different angle than those on your courses – but they all come from our experience of working with a wide variety of clients in a lot of different industries over many years – many more than we can list here.
If you are a long time out of the education / training process you will instantly recognise a great deal of what is described.

Regardless of the amount of experience that backs up our offering, we always appreciate feedback:

0114 255 9993